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This is some of the new art that I have been working on.  I hope you enjoy these images.  Let me know if you are interested in something or would like to commission something unique.

At the bottom of the page, I have added new artwork from the Steelgrass Farm Sculpture residency that I participated in this summer, 2011. The residency competition is now open again for applicants at and I highly encourage anyone interested in sculpture to apply for it. The experience was awesome!   



Chris Cunningham 

Water Tables Series, Slumber, Oak, Ash, and Maple, 2010.

Water Tables Series, Slumber.

Water Tables Series, Slumber, close-up.

Water Tables Series, Two As One, pine, 2010.

Water Tables Series, Two As One, back view.

Water Tables Series, Two As One, side view.

Breathe, porcelain, stoneware, and brass, 2010.

Breathe, top view.

Zen Garden Casserole Dish, stoneware, sand, and bamboo, 2010.

Zen Garden Casserole Dish, open view.

Cohabitation Series, Tea, wheel-thrown and extruded stoneware. 2012. Won Juror's Award at the 2013 National Materials: Hard & Soft exhibition in Denton, TX.

Cohabitation Series, Fortunate. 15" x 15" x 15", wheel-thrown and extruded stoneware. 2011.

3 legged table, black walnut with bark in place, 24" tall, 2011.

Minnesota black walnut dining table on location in Nova Scotia, 2011.

Dancing Steelgrass Mobile, on location in Kauai, HI. Photo by Damon Moss. 2011.

Dancing Steelgrass Mobile morning view, note how the bamboo husk in the pods curls up at night and then flatten out during the day.

Pod and me, from Dancing Steelgrass, 2011. Photo by Damon Moss.

Securing the Dancing Steelgrass Mobile, 2011. Photo by Damon Moss.

Click on this image to go to Steelgrass Farm. Thanks!

Cohabitation Series, Adore, wheel-thrown and extruded stoneware. 2013.

Mating Teacups, Porcelain, cedar. 2012.

Velvet Elvis On Wheels, fabric, metal, electrical, 30 inches long. 2012.

Fabric Lighted Sculptures, tallest is 40 inches.

Arc and the Serpent. You never know all of the dangers hidden bellow and around. This started as separate pieces shown together, now joined together as one. Pine, plywood, white oak and oil paint. 2' x 5.5' x 1'. 2013 - 19.