Metropolis Series

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This is a new series involving new and previous plaster molds of my playful retro futuristic forms. The Centurion Star Cruiser form was created in 2024 and is currently being explored. While the earlier Atomic Car was created in 2003, but with new alterations and glaze applications applied to the cast. I've also started playing around with wheel-thrown forms to create futuristic dwelling-like structures too. I always love exploring my imagination the challenges it creates. These forms are one of my ways of keeping in touch with my inner child.

Metropolis and Centurion Space Cruiser X-010, 2023-24.

Metropolis Dweling Forms, Wheel-forms fired to cone 6, 15 inches tall, 2023.

Metropolis Unit and Atomic Cars, 14" tall, 2024.

Future Genie Bottle, Wheel-forms fired to cone 6, 11" tall, 2023

Centurion Space Cruiser X-001, Slip cast, 14" long, 2024.

Atomic Car 004, Slip cast, 2024.

Centurion Space Cruiser X-006, Slip cast, 14" long, 2024.

Atomic Cars and Centurion Space Cruisers at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, TX, 2024.

Centurion Space Cruiser X-010, Slip cast, 14" long, 2024.

Centurion Space Cruiser X-008, Slip cast, 14" long, 2024.

Atomic Car 010, Slip cast, 12" long, 2024.