Chris Cunningham Studios Gallery

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Gallery of Media

I enjoy fabricating interactive art whether it is a simple bowl to a complex jewelry or sculpture piece.  I try to invoke a sensual feeling in my art through various media and techniques.

Dancing Lamps, steel and sinthetic fleece, 6 ft height, 2009

Close-up of switches for the Dancing Lamps

Sail No. 1, blue side, steel and sinthetic fleece, 6 ft height, 2009

Sail No. 1, red side

Wing No. 1, blue side, wood, steel and fabric, 5.5 ft height, 2009

Wing No. 1, red side

Zen Tables, wood and ceramics, 2004

Zen Tables, tables range between 2 ft sq to 2 ft by 6 ft in size with various height

Zen Tables

Airship, red and white oak, stainless steel, 4 ft x 1.5 ft x 5 ft, 2005

ML (Marfa Lights) Mobile, Aluminum, steel, PVC, and garden lights, pods are 5 ft in height, 2008

Tripod, Aluminum and PVC, 8 ft in height, 2006

Sake Bottle No. 1, stoneware, 24 in. height, 2009

Sake Bottle No. 2, stoneware, 24 in. height, 2009

Sake Bottle No. 3, stoneware, 26 in. height, 2009

How Close Are We Today, Wood and porcelain, 2008

How Close Are We Today, 6 in. x 6 in. x 20 in.

How Close Are We Today

Water Table Series: Dream Boat, 2010, cedar and concrete, 1.5ft x 5ft x 8ft.

Blown glass tea set, 10 inches tall

Red blown glass teapot, 10 inches tall

Blown glass teapot, 10 inches tall. 1999.

Spinning Jade Top Jar. Blown glass. 1998.

blown glass, nesting bottles and bowl, tallest 18 inches

Fire Bottles, blown glass, 20 inches tall

Red Flower, blown glass, 25 inches long

Yellow Flower, blown glass, 27 inches long

Blown glass jars, tallest is 12 inches tall

Blown glass bottles, tallest is 20 inches tall

Pod Forms, wheel thrown components assembled and fired to cone 6. 2000