Water Impression Show

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Water Impressions

Water Impressions was a show featuring art work from Heidi Lingamfelter and I at the Lakeview Gallery in Tarrant County College Northwest Campus, Fort Worth, Texas.  The show ran from January 25 to February 20, 2010 and received many positive responses from all who came to view it.  

We chose to work together on this show by featuring a water theme and utilizing the entire gallery space, which no one has done before in that gallery. The Lakeview Gallery is a beautiful space which had recently been renovated so we thought we would utilize it's setting by creating a peaceful and tranquil environment.  Heidi had prints on the wall using tree bark and leaves to make the images and I made wooden tables with water like ripples on them.  The tables have drips and puddles below with curvilinear legs that give them a very organic appearance.  

The Fountain Of Love is made of ceramic bowls I threw on the wheel and used pond liner material to attached across the wooden base I made to create a painting-like structure. This fountain represents the love between Terri and I and the floating bowls represent our family and friends in our life. I know it sounds sappy but there isn't enough sappiness in our busy lives so there it is. The $26 in coins raised in the fountain was matched by me and donated to the Tarrant County Food Bank. 

To tie it all together, I hung approximately 150 glass raindrops that I fabricated in my studio.  They hang from invisible thread (mono filament) from the ceiling area which gave them the appearance of falling from the sky but stopped in motion. All throughout the gallery space you could see raindrops.  Some were colored matched to go with the water tables but most were clear.  It took many hours to install.  

From the input I received, everyone enjoyed this show and would love to see it installed again. So I will look around for other gallery spaces and see what I can find.  I enjoyed working with Heidi on this project and had lots of help from Terri in setting it up and Fred Spaulding who curated the show.  I want to thank everyone involved. It was fun!

Chris Cunningham