Series 1

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Series 1 Collection~Jewelry

This page displays Chris and Terri's collaborative jewelry pieces. Some use custom made glass beads that Chris fabricates in his own studio to incorporate into the pieces. Then some incorporate prefabricated beads and components. All are uniquely interesting and certainly get noticed. For pricing, email us with your specifications and we will send you a quote.

~ We design jewelry for pierced as well as for non-pierced body parts. ~

~Spring Eternal~(Below) Created from custom crafted glass petaled beads that have color inserts amidst a clear glass interior. Brass and silver settings as well as the glass petaled beads are all designed and fabricated by Chris & Terri. ~

Spring Eternal~(Below)~Floral Necklace and Earrings from another view.

~ Notice how Spring Eternal moves with the wearer. Yet this artistic composition of glass, brass, and sterling silver is well balanced so as to be easy for the wearer to enjoy. ~

~ Coming soon!!! Spring Eternal Bracelet will be blooming before the end of Spring 2009. ~

Sea Crest (Below)~Composed of prefabricated components artistically arranged. It marries glass with metal beads to make a wonderfully fun piece to wear.

Sea Crest~(Below)~A close up shot of how fluid this piece is. It moves and reflects just like the sea and gives the wearer that timeless sense of eternity and peace.

Hearts Afire~(Below)~Two glass hearts afire in the colors of passionate emotion suspend from metal rings linked together. This piece like all of the pieces created by Chris and Terri move with the wearer. Afterall, don't Hearts Afire move as does Spring, the Sea, Love, and our Galaxy?!

Budding Love~(Below)~Fields of green dotted with lavendar flowers beneath blue skies....That's Budding Love! Glass beads custom made in droplet form suspend from a series of rings each individually created.         

~ Coming soon!!! Budding Love necklace will be blooming before the end of Spring 2009. ~

Galaxy Curl~(Below)~Black and white glass disks with clear glass spacers. This piece is certainly not for the faint of heart! It requires a bold wearer who is used to making statements in black and white.

Galaxy Curl~(Below)~Another view!